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Bates Middle School

AI Model at Bates 1


Together at Wiley H. Bates Middle School, we:

• Inspire students, through a rigorous arts-infused curriculum, to believe in themselves and reach beyond their expectations.
• Encourage students to take an active part in their learning and to develop life-long learning goals, and appreciation for the performing and visual arts.
• Create connections with the wider world through technology and the arts.

Bates Middle School, AACPS Model Arts Integration School
The SAILSS model, Supporting Arts Integrated Learning for Student Success (SAILSS)—was designed and implemented in Anne Arundel County Public School’s Bates Middle School, Annapolis MD starting in 2008. The model included a comprehensive cross-curricular, arts-integrated approach for middle school students in a high poverty, high mobility area. Believing that the arts have the potential to improve the learning process for all students, the administration set out on a journey to integrate the arts across all content areas and provide a model for other schools in the county to replicate. [more]

AI Model at Bates 2

Bates Middle School: Visual Journey to School-wide Arts Integration

The Bates Way (Arts Integration) transformed this school. “The arts have raised engagement and motivation in our students,” Bragdon added. “It’s a very effective way to teach the core subjects. We’ve started to feel validated about that, because our rise in test scores is very solid now.” [more]


AI Model at Bates 3

School Transformation Through Arts Integration: Report/Video on Edutopia.org

What do Mars and modern dance have to do with each other? How do you connect fractions with Andy Warhol? At Wiley H. Bates Middle School, in Annapolis, Maryland, the answer is arts integration. Every teacher there is committed to weaving the arts and standard curricula together to create a richer and more lasting learning experience for their students. [more]