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Title DescriptionKeywordsGrade Level(s)Link to Item
Abstract EquationsStudents create artwork in the Kandinsky style by graphing colorful linear equations. They will discuss principles of graphing a linear equation as well as mood and feeling in a piece of art.Math, Visual ArtsGrade 8Download
composing measures of music
Students learn to add fractions by adding music
notes and compose measures of music in
4/4 time.
Math, MusicGrade 4
Grade 5
Adjectives through Tissue Paper ButterfliesStudents use tissue paper in order to represent adjectives describing butterflies.Language Arts, Visual ArtsGrade 1Download
Animal DanceStudents use body and space to show how different animals move in physical education class.Physical Education, PE, DanceGrade KDownload
Artful Animal AdaptationsStudents use elements of art and focus on texture, to create a diorama, terrarium or other display to depict a specific animal environmentScience, Visual ArtGrade 1Download
Biographical TableauStudents use the actors tools and skills to confirm/summarize the meaning of an informational text through tableau.Language Arts, DramaGrade 6Download
Biography vs. Autobiography: Faith Ringold Story QuiltsStudents learn about the story quilts and techniques of Faith Ringold. They use the techniques learned to create their own story quilts reflecting either a biographical account or an autobiographical account of “The One and Only Ivan.”Language Arts, Visual ArtsGrade 7Download
Bringing Mulan to Life
with Shadow Puppets
English Language Learners develop listening,
speaking, and writing skills by creating a skit
based on a popular legend and performing it
using shadow puppetry.
Language Arts, Puppetry, ArtGrade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Changes in Water
Musical Timbre
Students learn about the changes found in water. Students will
use body percussion (hand clapping, snapping, etc.) to create
hail and a thunderstorm.
Science, MusicGrade 2Download
Characterization: Self Portraits using Analogous colors in the Fauvist StyleStudents apply the elements of characterization to their own experiences by identifying key character traits to describe themselves. Students learn about the Fauvist style of art and analogous colors and create pastel self-portraits representing their character traits in the Fauvist style.Language Arts, Visual ArtsGrade 6Download
Child Labor Personal NarrativesStudents write personal narratives to develop imagined experiences or events using the child labor photographs of Lewis Hine as inspiration.Language Arts, Visual ArtsGrade 4Download
Collaborative Visual PoetryStudents create a poem that includes structural elements of poetry after perceiving, analyzing, and responding to visual art.Language Arts, Visual ArtsGrade 4Download
Counting and Cardinality: Dot MathStudents identify the numbers 0-10 and count sets of dots by creating pointillism artwork using dot markers.Math, Visual ArtsGrade KDownload
Creating Mood through Cut Paper TreesStudents create paper trees using the Polish "Wycinanki" Paper cutting art in order to represent mood in a narrative selection.Language Arts, Visual ArtsGrade 2
Grade 3
Dancing EmotionsStudents demonstrate how to use dance movements to express emotions from the song, “I Believe I Can Fly” in physical education.
Physical Education, Phys Ed, PE, DanceGrade 5Download
Demonstrating Biography vs Autobiography through DanceStudents learn about dance elements in order to create a dance that reflects an autobiography or a biography of Amelia Earhart’s life.Language Arts, DanceGrade 7Download
Develop Vocabulary with Worry DollsStudents learn about Guatemalan Worry Dolls, follow a sequence of steps to make the dolls, and orally describe the dolls using appropriate vocabularyESOL, Visual ArtGrade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Double Bar Graph Arts
Students use movement and drama techniques
to enhance understanding of word problems about the execution and creation of double bar graphs.
Math, Dance, DramaGrade 5Download
Dramatizing the Underground RailroadStudents perform freeze frame and tableaux
to re-create various people
and scenes of the
Underground Railroad.
Social Studies, DramaGrade 8Download
Elements to Compounds: The Color WheelStudents create a color wheel using water color paints. They will use the primary colors to represent elements and they will make secondary colors by mixing the primary colors to represent compounds. Elements are combined to make compounds.Science, Visual ArtGrade 8Download
Elements: FireworksStudents research and choose elements from the periodic table to create their own firework artwork. They will create illustrations that will show what the combination of elements they have chosen will look like when fired. They will gain an understanding of the properties of the elements they use to create their fireworks and learn about the techniques for using oil pastels in artistry.Science, Visual ArtGrade 8Download
Equations through Poetry and DanceStudents demonstrate the importance of balance in an algebraic equation by creating a haiku poem. Students complete the poems with the correct number of syllables in a line. Students will extend their understanding of haiku by creating their own and creating an interpretive dance to compliment the poem.Math, DanceGrade 8Download
Family Vocabulary Freeze FrameStudents show comprehension of vocabulary words associated with families by observing and discussing artwork illustrating family life and then performing a tableau and adding dialogue to the tableauLanguage Arts, TheatreGrade KDownload
Federalism in Greek and Roman ArchitectureStudents examine how Greek & Roman architecture influenced the construction of federal building in our nation’s Capital. Social Studies, Visual ArtGrade 8Download
Fossils: Gyotaku Fish Fossil PaintingStudents learn about the art of Japanese Fish Painting; using real fish they will create their own fish print which will represent a type of fossil called a trace fossil.Science, ArtGrade 8Download
Fractions: Visual ArtStudents review how to write fractions and find fractions in the work “Colors for a Large Wall” by Ellsworth Kelly and “Composition No. 11 with Red and Blue” by Piet Mondrian. Students will use tiles to create mosaics that display their knowledge of fractions.Math, Visual ArtsGrade 4Download
Guitar VolumeStudents divide the guitar into segments in order to determine the volume; they discuss how the physical volume of the instrument affects the sound of the instrument.Math, MusicGrade 8Download
Harriet Tubman Shadow PuppetsStudents demonstrate comprehension of the story “Minty” by using shadow puppets to retell the story.Social Studies, Theatre, DramaGrade 4Download
Holiday Theme CardsStudents use visual arts to inspire poetry and drama in order to create “Holiday Cards” that reflect a central theme from the play “A Christmas Carol” and design a symbol that reflects the theme.Language Arts, Visual Arts, DramaGrade 7Download
I Noh How to Perform
Japanese Style!
Students learn about the art of Japanese
swordsmanship and about a type of Japanese traditional theater called Noh. They make and paint
paper maché Noh masks and perform a play based on characters represented by the masks.
ESOL, Drama, Visual ArtsGrade 7Download
Language: Jasper Johns Alphabet PaintingStudents create an alphabet painting making all upper or lower case letters, based on the artwork of Jasper Johns, and incorporating examples of tints, shades and complimentary colorsLanguage Arts, Visual ArtGrade K
Grade 1
Letter and Sound Recognition: Alphabet PhotographyStudents learn to match sounds to letters by photographing an object and writing the beginning letter.Language Arts, Visual ArtsGrade KDownload
Life Cycle SongsStudents identify and sequence the stages of a plant or animal life cycle by composing a song and performing itScience, MusicGrade 2Download
Main Idea and Detail through SongThe students identify the main idea found in a series of songs and create a simple ostinato (repeated pattern) using the main idea of the text (lyrics).Language Arts, MusicGrade 4Download
Marvelous Monster MathStudents demonstrate the ability to identify shapes, create a sentence, and use line, shape, and texture to create a monster.Language Arts, Math, Visual ArtsGrade 1Download
Measuring Length: Kandinsky ArtStudents use a ruler to measure to the nearest inch. Students will use measurement skills to create an abstract piece of artwork in the style of Kandinsky.Math, Visual ArtsGrade 2Download
Metaphors through TableauStudents use the actor’s tools and skills to convey meaningful connections between the subjects of a metaphor and interpret the meaning of metaphors in a poem.Language Arts, DramaGrade 6Download
Mondrian Measurement ArtStudents will practice measurement, geometry, fraction skills to create Mondrian style art designs.Math, Visual ArtsGrade 4Download
My Life StoryboardStudents plan and create a storyboard collage depicting past, present, and future events in their lives.ESOL, Visual ArtsGrade 7
Grade 8
Perfect Square ShapesAfter reading the book, Perfect Square, by Michael Hall, the students will be inspired to use their imaginations to decompose the simple shape of a square to create and form something new that explores color, line, and shape.Math, Visual ArtGrade KDownload
Persuasive Essay: AestheticsStudents analyze artwork in order to understand aesthetics. They analyze and evaluate a zoo habitat for aesthetics and write a persuasive essay on its aesthetics for the animal.Language Arts, Visual ArtsGrade 7Download
pH Scale: Color Field Painting
Students demonstrate their understanding of the pH scale to classify materials as acidic, basic,
or neutral by creating color values similar to those on the pH scale while gaining an understanding of
non-objective art.
Science, Art, Visual ArtGrade 8Download
Photographic TransformationsStudents learn about the transformation of geometrical figures while analyzing the works of M.C. Escher. The students take pictures of common objects and use these pictures to create tessellated art work.Math, Visual ArtGrade 4Download
Photosynthesis Cultural DancesStudents perform simple movement sequences to demonstrate their knowledge of the process of photosynthesis while using and recognizing dance as an expression of cultural diversity and expression. Students learn fun and easy traditional dances from different cultures.Science, VIsual ArtGrade 8Download
Place Value: Math MaracasStudents learn about percussion instruments used in Latin music; they create and play maracas using plastic water bottles and dried beans that represent two digit numbers (tens and ones place value).Math, MusicGrade 1Download
Plant Seed MosaicStudents learn about plants and seeds by reading the story, “The Sunflower House” and responding to text by creating a mosaic sunflower using seeds.Language Arts, Science, Visual ArtsGrade KDownload
Plot Sequence and Characters with Shadow PuppetsStudents demonstrate knowledge of plot sequence, characters, and setting by creating shadow puppets and writing a script to perform the storyLanguage Arts, Visual Arts, DramaGrade 7Download
Pop Art FederalismStudents interpret pop art and its relation to symmetry and repetition by creating a “recipe” that describes Federalism and outlines the three powers of government associated with it.Social Studies, Visual ArtGrade 8Download
Powerful Words Tableau: People who Brought about ChangeAfter researching a person who brought about change, students use the actors tools in order to create tableaux (group pose)or wax museums (individual pose) to communicate important ideas and words associated with and about the person.Language Arts, DramaGrade 4Download
Properties of Matter in Alien SculpturesStudents learn about matter and how to express in words what they have constructed. Students will demonstrate how to construct a sculpture by creating a chemical change in materials. Students will construct a written description of their sculptured “Aliens”.Science, Visual ArtsGrade 2Download
Proportions & Ratios DanceRatios and proportions can be demonstrated by physical means as well as in written form. Students relate concept of ratios and proportions to percussion. The students will demonstrate understanding of proportions by creating a step dance within a framework of 4 measures of 4 beats each (16 beats total) using call and response.Math, DanceGrade 8Download
Quilts and Equivalent FormStudents look at different types of quilts to identify and describe how artists use design concepts and determine what the artist is trying to convey. They design a quilt block and analyze the quilt square to determine the color ratio in equivalent forms: as a fraction, a decimal and a percent.Math, Visual ArtGrade 6Download

Scale Numbering with
Mean Median and
Students learn about creat ing a musical
composition as a group, using mathematical
terms, and use those terms to complete text
a n d m u s i c a l l y r e l a t e d e x a m p l e s .
Math, MusicGrade 6Download
Seeing Main Idea and Details in ArtStudents identify main ideas and details in famous paintings and analyze elements of art in their own artwork.ESOL, Visual ArtsGrade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Setting in a Neighborhood MuralThe students identify important details of a setting by creating a neighborhood mural using the cut-out collage style of artist Henri Matisse.Language Arts, Visual ArtsGrade KDownload
Showing Symbolism with PuppetryStudents learn about Chinese Puppetry in order to create Chinese dragon puppets that symbolize a key theme, character, or event in the plot of “Dragonwings.”Language Arts, Visual ArtsGrade 7Download
Spelling ArtStudents learn about and create word art by using color and line to spell words.Language Arts, Visual ArtsGrade 1Download
Spelling through Music NotationStudents practice breaking their spelling words down into syllables, counting the number of syllables in each word. Next they practice reading rhythms and then use music notes to show how many syllables are in each word. The students will write these music notes and then practice playing the rhythms on musical instruments and saying the spelling words.Language Arts, MusicGrade 2Download
Still Life AdditionStudents use color, shape, line, and form to create a still life. Students observe still life art and use addition strategies to identify quantities in the artwork.Math, Visual ArtGrade1Download
Storyteller DollsStudents select and use works of art as inspiration to express ideas visually and verbally about people, places and events. Students will discuss the “Grandfather Storyteller” sculpture and describe how the artist used her history to tell a story through art.Language Arts, Visual ArtGrade K
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Writing “I am Here Today” BooksIn the PYP unit of inquiry, "Where We Are In Place and Time" the students write narratives in "I Am Here Today" books. They choose visual art techniques such as pencil sketches, water color or collage to represent their past, present, and future.Language Arts, Visual ArtsGrade 3Download
Yankee Doodle DancersStudents use choreographic forms to communicate ideas through dance movement in order to demonstrate an understanding of the history (meaning) and beat of the patriotic song, Yankee Doodle.Social Studies, Music, DanceGrade 5Download