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Bringing master teaching artists into our classrooms not only provides authentic and exciting arts instruction for students, but it also provides a wonderful source of professional development in Arts Integration (AI) for the classroom teacher. AACPS supports a co-teaching artist-in-residency model in the AI schools: the artist collaboratively plans, models and co-teaches with the classroom teacher during the residency. We want the classroom teacher totally involved in the lesson so that he/she can replicate strategies in the future. We seek artists with AI mentalities who are committed to the Arts Integration model and are willing and able to tailor their residencies to connect to current classroom content standards.

To maximize the professional development aspect of having an artist in resident in the building, we invite other classroom teachers to drop in during their planning periods and observe. Whenever possible, we include a professional development session for the full faculty when writing a contract with an artist in residence. We want all teachers to have some benefit from a master artist working in the school.


In the traditional residency, the teaching artist works with one class over a series of days. While this allows the students of this class to have an extended and in-depth arts experience, only a targeted group receives the benefit of the artist in the classroom. We have designed a mini artist-in-residence model in our elementary schools and have partnered with some outstanding artists who are willing to work with us on this approach. In this model the artist provides a 45-65 minute one-time mini session which targets a particular standard or skill and an art form. The mini session is provided to all classes in the entire grade so that all students receive an arts-rich instruction and all teachers in that grade are adding tools to their AI toolbox as well.

Check out these Arts Integration minded teaching artists:

Tim Gregory of Nada Brahma World Music & Dance Explorations & Integrations

Ali Oliver Krueger of Interact Story Theatre

Rob Levit, Musician

Maria Barbosa Artist

Footworks Percussive Dance Ensemble

Kevin Martin of Rock Creek Steel Drums

Black Cherry Puppet Theatre

Ariana Ross of Story Tapestries

Bomani Hip Hop Poet

Kevin Reese of School Sculptures

Amanda Pellerin Clay Artist

Rosalind Flynn and Curriculum Based Readers Theatre

Christina Delgado Photography and Literacy

Sue Trainor Musician